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Updated: Jun 6, 2023

December 2018

The Ministry of Justice released figures that show that private landlords have to wait over 5 months to regain possession of a property when applying to the courts.

Where a landlord needs to regain possession urgently because of tenants’ anti-social behaviour and the tenant refuses to leave, landlords have to resort to the courts and the long delay in dealing with cases means landlords may go without any rent, or suffer damage to the property before the tenant finally has to leave.

The Government’s efforts to develop longer tenancies will fail without urgent court reforms to ensure landlords can swiftly regain possession of a property in cases such as tenants failing to pay their rent, committing anti-social behaviour or damaging the property.

As a result, many landlords are using section 21, or ‘no fault’ evictions, because the alternative process that requires applications to the court are too long and cumbersome.

If Ministers want to roll out longer tenancies landlords need the confidence that in cases where they legitimately want to repossess a property the system will respond swiftly. At the start of a tenancy always consider Rent Guarantee Insurance to help in the event that a tenant stops paying rent. For more information on this please visit our blog on Insurance.

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